A Training Program Leading to the Certification of Demand Forecasters and Integrated Business Planners:


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CPDF Certified Professional Demand Forecaster

The CPDF qualification will address multidimensional job roles in agile product/service demand forecasting such as data display and validation, database management, dashboard display, understanding quantitative and qualitative techniques, predictive visualization, model creation and execution, rolling forecasting, forecast accuracy measurement, model and forecaster performance analysis, organization, and collaborative planning. A certification can be earned at three levels:

CPDF I  completion of CPDF I Curriculum (15 contact hours/70 independent hours) in-class quizzes and spreadsheet exercises Certificate in Demand Forecasting Principles and Best Practices 

CPDF II completion of CPDF II Curriculum (15 contact hours/50 independent hours)  Certificate in Demand Forecasting Technology

CPDF III completion of CPDF III curriculum (20 contact hours/30 independent hours)

Certificate in Demand Forecasting Professionalism

IIF Certificate in Forecasting Practice - The International Institute of Forecasters (, the pre-eminent  professional organization in the field of forecasting, offers a Certificate in Forecasting that recognizes achievement of IIF-established standards for those planning to enter the field of forecasting. The fee is $200 for the IIF Certificate upon completion of CPDF I, II and III.

Course Objectives

  • Establish the foundation of forecasting as a structured process
  • Engage participants in learning about what is worth knowing about demand forecasting
  • Teach established concepts behind the most accurate, reliable and relevant approaches to forecasting demand in a corporate setting
  • Introduce data analytics, predictive visualization, predictive model building, and forecast performance evaluation as the core steps for creating effective forecasting models
  • Complement nontraditional methods with established approaches in forecast model development, accuracy measurement, and outlier detection/correction 
  • Refocus the attention of practitioners away from the mechanical execution of software programs and to a greater understanding of data and the processes generating data and forecasts
  • Embrace collaborative, agile forecasting as a key ingredient to realizing excellence in forecasting and planning among organizations and trading partners.

The Target Audience

  • Forecasters with some forecasting experience and exposure to the marketplace and product dynamics
  • Managers requiring to supervise and guide the demand planning process
  • Job titles of persons also benefiting from this course include brand/product managers, operations managers, inventory and logistics professionals, sales directors, strategic planners, and business development managers.






Hands-on Workshop  





Participant Binder

Participant Binder

Participant Binder


College degree or 1 year Job experience

College degree or 2 years Job experience

College degree or 3 years Job experience

Course Duration

equiv to 2 - 3 contact days 

average 2-3 days

2 -3 days

Workshop Fees

Varies by location

Varies by location

Varies by location

Self Study

Six (6) spreadsheet problem sets submitted and evaluated by CPDF Team Leaders

Six (6) spreadsheet problem sets submitted and evaluated by CPDF Team Leaders

Assigned readings and a Case Study prepared under your management's supervision  

Materials you receive upon registration


In-class workshop reviews, hands-on computer spreadsheet learning with real-world product/service data series

In-class workshop reviews, hands-on computer spreadsheet learning with real-world product/service datasets 

Hands-on, Competitive Forecasting Game with Real-world Company Databases