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Updates to CPDF Public Workshops

We like to offer you the latest updates to workshops, agendas, venue changes, brochures, and anything of general interest to past and future workshop participants. Please contact us for more info.

Upcoming CPDF Workshops in 2016

Just to let you know about some upcoming CPDF workshops for demand forecasters and integrated business planners in the next year. In particular, in January 2015, we introduced a number of industry-specific workshops in Shanghai for Automotive, FMCG and Pharma multi-national companies. In addition, the CPDF Combined I & II training workshop is renamed "Smarter Forecasting and Planning.".


CPDF I, CPDF II, CPDF III, and the Smarter Forecasting and Planning workshops.are offered as public and onsite workshops. These workshops deal with the most practical and approaches to forecast modeling, forecast accuracy measurement, and effective S&OP process participation. You will learn best by doing, so you need to bring your laptop.


We will explain how to avoid and overcome the Myth of the MAPE and demonstrate how to create reliable forecast accuracy measurements. You will acquire a richer and more powerful understanding of what works, when and why. You will receive complimentary Excel Add-in PEERForecaster software tool to obtain credible and defensible trend/seasonal forecasts with your data. In no time, you will be getting greater recognition and better results on the job. 


Overview: http://www.cpdftraining.org/


Curriculum information brochures for download at http://www.cpdftraining.org/brochure.htm





CPDF I - Principles and Best Practices):   

CPDF II - Forecasting Methodology with Data Analytic):

CPDF III - Collaborative Forecasting and Process Integration): A competitive, demand forecasting exercise with real data,


Or the renamed Combined CPDF I & II: "Smarter Forecasting and Planning" offered throughout the year around the world. This is a computer-intesive, three-day workshop.


Venue information and registration costs for Asia Pacific Region  http://www.longtrends.com/


Venue information and registration costs for Turkey


Venue information and registration for Shanghai, China, contact Jerry Luk at jerryl@eurasia-events.com

These instructor-led training workshops are reenforced with hands-on computer exercises so you can acquire greater and quicker proficiency with the latest and best forecasting procedures.  Some of the key topics will help you learn:

  • How to create an effective strategy for improving your forecasting cycle workflow
  • How to improve data quality, deal with outliers and help select the best (accurate, credible and up-to-date) forecasting and modeling techniques
  • How to validate and benchmark statistical forecasting models on your ERP system
  • How to perform 'root-cause' analysis when data and model residuals are identified
  • How to evaluate error measures and relate them to operational performance metrics for decision making
  • How to create rolling forecasts and forecast scenarios effectively in the S&OP process, and much more . . ..